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    Keeping your bike on the road in a safe and well oiled manner.

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    Brakes, tyres, chains and steering all need attention from time to time.

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Repairing and maintaining a bike is straightforward with some basic tools and a little know how. To find out more, sign up and take one of our courses! Based in Totnes, Devon we are easy to get to by bike, car or public transport (train)

 National Standards, and Bikeability courses give trainees the knowledge to check their bikes for roadworthiness, but DO NOT include cycle maintenance.

This course is suitable for cyclists of all ages. Learn to maintain and repair your bike properly. You won't have to be reliant on you local bike shop for servicing and repairs which can be costly. You can gain the confidence and skills to keep yourself on the road safely.

Easy to do

Tyres and brakes, puncture repairs.


Replace worn or rusty cables, chains and rear cassettes.


Bearings and steering components

What do you need? Bring your own bike if you have one, or you can work on some of our donated bikes. We can provide use of all tools and many consumable parts (inner tubes, cables, cable housing, brake blocks etc) . There is a small charge for parts if used on your own bike.

Basic course

How to carry out safety checks, repair punctures, adjust brakes and keep your bike running safely.

Adjusting brakes and gears

Types of tyre, wheel sizes, valves, pumps, and pressures are all thoroughly investigated

Repairing a puncture.

Adjusting wheel cones.

What to do when the chain falls of, and how to prevent it from happening.

Adusting handlebars and controls. Saddle height adjustment and advice.

Fitting accessories - mudguards, racks, lights.

Keeping the bike clean, with emphasis on gears  and chain.

Replacing brake blocks.

Replacing gear and brake cables.

Selecting and fitting different types of tyre.

Advanced course

Advanced course covers changing bottom brackets, wheel balancing etc

Fitting headsets

Fitting bottom brackets

Thorough investigation of different braking options

Rebuilding  wheel hubs.

Advanced wheel trueing, replacing spokes.

Servicing pedals, investigating different pedal/shoe systems; selecting correct crank length.

Ergonomics -  tuning the bike to fit the rider.

Intermediate course

Changing rear cassettes and front chainsets, chains and retuning rear mechs.

Thorough investigation of all gear sytems - 6/7/8/9/10 speeds, derailleur and hub gears, includes replacing/servicing all gear components.

Replacing the chain and sprockets.

Adjusting the headset.

Basic wheel trueing

Notes for all courses

All courses provide useful notes for future reference.

See below for a list of courses currently offered and online booking.